How to allow ping requests on a Windows Server 2012

Ping requests are blocked by default in Windows 2008 Server, however you can easily change this in a couple of minutes. There are a couple ways of enabling pings, one method creates a rule via the command line the other from a graphical interface (GUI).


How to allow ping requests via command line


netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Allow incoming ping requests IPv4" dir=in action=allow protocol=icmpv4


Allow Ping via Command Line

Your server will now allow ping requests


How to allow ping requests via GUI


Step 1:
Log onto your server using remote desktop or KVM


Step 2:
Start/ Windows Key > search for firewall > Select the firewall icon/Enter


Step 3:
When the console opens > Click inbound rules on the left hand of the window.


Step 4:
In the middle pain you should see a list of rules. Scroll down and select the rule “File and printer sharing (Echo Request – ICMPv4-In)”.

Allow Ping Requests GUI


Step 5:
In the general section in the general tab tick the enabled box > Click OK


Your server will now allow ping requests.