How to change PHP versions and settings in cPanel

This article explains how to change your PHP version and PHP settings on your cPanel administrator account.

Changing the PHP version:

1. Log in to cPanel account through the DCP customer portal or access cpanel directly

2. In the Software/Services section of the cPanel home screen, click Select PHP version. If this option is not available in your cPanel, your server does not support this feature, instead you should only see PHP Version.

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3. By clicking on Select PHP Version, cPanel displays the current PHP version.To change the PHP version simply change the version from the list box and click Set as current.


The new version takes effect immediately.


How to Change PHP settings

Various PHP settings can also be changed from cPanel control panel. For example you can enable or disable various PHP extensions etc.


To change PHP setting

1. Log in to cPanel account

2. Select Switch to PHP settings icon

3. Choose the value next to the setting, and click APPLY and then Save to save the settings.