Accessing your web server using FTP.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a client to server protocol for transferring files between computers on the internet.

In layman terms, FTP allows you to upload, download, delete, move, rename,edit and copy files to your web server.

To do this, you need to download an FTP client and log into your server from it.

There are many programs you can use to do this. We recommend FileZilla only because it is something we have always used. It’s free, fully featured and rather straightforward to use.

There are others out there such as Core FTP, CoffeeCup and FireFTP, but for the simplicity of this guide, we’ll be using FileZilla.

In order for you to use any FTP client, you need to get your FTP details from your web hosting set-up.

If you got cPanel this is very easy to do.

Log into cPanel and navigate to the Files section


How to use FTP with cPanel

Click on
FTP accounts

Here you can create a new FTP account. If you wish to create a specific user account, you can do so here. Otherwise, for the sake of simplicity in this guide, you can just use the Special FTP account credentials for FileZilla.

The Special FTP account is the account that is linked to your hosting on set up. These accounts cannot be deleted.

Scroll right to the bottom and you’ll see Special FTP accounts.


Special FTP details in cPanel

Click on the Configure FTP Client under Actions column and it should expand with the details you need to log in on FileZilla.


FTP log in details in cPanel

FTP username, FTP Server, Port number are the details you need here.

Fire up FileZilla and you should be greeted with this view,


Filezilla when you first start up.

At the top, enter your FTP Server details in Host, FTP Username in Username, and the password you use here is the same as your cPanel Login.

Hit the quick connect and if successful, the box below should bring up your files and file directory.

Connecting to your server on Filezilla

That’s it. You can now see your files in your web server.

To use it, you can simple download files to local machine, or drop files in the relevant folders to upload.