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Partnering for success

Autom8 is an organisation that operates in the contact centre market, enabling businesses to be more efficient through the use of technology. Providing hosted telephony and innovative call centre products that integrate with existing CRM systems, they are experts in helping businesses streamline their operations and maximise their use of client data to assist sales and deliver support services. Recognised as one of the fastest-growing SME tech companies in the UK, they have numerous awards that recognise their dedication to customer service, including a European Support Team of the Year award.


All about the customer

With a customer base that is entirely dependent on its ability to interact through outbound and inbound call centre communications, Autom8 needed a customised service, with enhanced support levels, that went beyond what is considered a ‘standard data centre offering’. With a mission to create the ideal dialling solutions for businesses, offering the most flexible, easy to use call centre products in the market – and with all of their customers operating in a contact centre environment -high performing software is a necessity for Autom8.

“Datacentreplus was able to propose and deliver an incredibly responsive service for us. And crucially, the business took the time to understand the nature and nuances of our business. We have been provided with technical guidance and trust them as a partner.”

Shahid Ahmed

Autom8, Chief Executive

A flexible friend

As a growing business, Autom8 required a partner that would be able to accommodate these high performance levels and support the flexible needs of the business. However, high performing software is only as good as the cloud infrastructure that it inter-links with.

Having felt undervalued as a customer with its previous provider and having experienced issues with their responsiveness, Autom8 needed a data centre partner that could host their platform reliably and cost effectively, while still allowing a flexible service to accommodate their growth ambitions and scaling business.

Autom8 initially procured a small number of dedicated servers, colocation services and technical consultancy through Datacentreplus. However, through Datacentreplus’s flexible “pay as you grow” approach, an offering implemented following the direct working relationship with Autom8, the growing business was able to expand from four to 100 dedicated servers in the space of 10 months.

Autom8, Chief Executive Shahid Ahmed, acknowledges the role that Datacentreplushas been able to play in helping the business realise its growth ambitions, without the constraints often associated with a data centre provider.

In addition, the lengths that the Manchester-based data centre provider was willing to adapt and flex in line with the customer’s own growth requirements, has not gone unnoticed.

“In direct contrast to the other providers in the market place, Datacentreplus has physically adapted its own service offering in a nod to the needs of growing businesses. Very often providers fail to listen to the needs of their customers and their rapidly-evolving needs.”

The future

With strong growth aspirations and an enlarging client base, Autom8 has expressed a desire to continue working with the Manchester-based data centre provider, viewing Datacentreplus as a trusted advisor and strategic partner in its future growth plans.


It’s go for ‘Pay-as-you-grow’


Manchester’s growing businesses are being given a foot on the data centre ladder following an innovative promotion from one of the city’s newest tech firms.

Datacentreplus provides colocation for businesses’ IT equipment at its Media City premises, working with organisations who want to outsource their power, storage and cooling requirements for their servers and data backup.

Founded in 2014 with the intention of offering tech start-ups and SMEs an easier route to using data centre facilities, the company has now launched ‘Pay as you Grow’.

Much like the business’s own reasons for establishment – those arising from the lack of agility among the industry’s larger players to provide a service appropriate to the needs of a growing business – ‘Pay as you Grow’ was conceived after witnessing other providers’ inability to provide any flexible growth models.

Mashukul Hoque, entrepreneur and founder of Datacentreplus, is passionate about changing the rigid dynamics that are prevalent in the data centre space, and ‘Pay as you Grow’ is very much in line with his ethos of providing flexibility to help businesses grow.

He said: “As more and more, increasingly small to medium-sized, businesses begin their journey into the cloud, it is only right that the data centre community facilitates this progression and provides an environment that supports growth and is sympathetic to cash flow.

“Barriers of trust and price are beginning to be overcome at a rate of knots, however, agility still remains an issue. ‘Pay as you Grow’ essentially provides a client with the ability to grow their services, allowing them to reserve dedicated space, and only pay for it when they grow into it.”

The ‘Pay as you Grow’ concept was originally trialled with a ‘quarter rack’ customer who only paid for what they needed at the time. That customer now has multiple racks with the company, expanding into their ‘reserved’ space. And although trialled with an end user customer, the service is now proving popular among a growing number of channel partners who are looking to acquire flexible rack space that increases in line with the services they procure, allowing them to protect growth margins.