NASA’s James Webb Images – The Data

Recently NASA released the first images from the James Webb Telescope showcasing its first full-colour pictures of previously unseen areas of space. The constant advances in technology make the world feel a lot smaller. This new technology creates a lot of data which in turn needs much bigger storage.


These images showcase just how far technology has come. If you look at this comparison between the Hubble Space Telescope image and the James Webb Space Telescope images you can immediately see the difference in detail.

This difference in detail is mainly due to the James Webb Space Telescope using primarily infrared to take the images. The Hubble Space Telescope mainly uses optical and ultraviolet wavelengths. Infrared allows the Telescope to see through the clouds of dust that can cover planets and stars.

The advancement in the Space Telescope has allowed previously inaccessible areas of space to be viewed. This has come at a cost to the amount of amount of data produced.

For example, just one of the James Webb Telescope images contains around 150 million pixels spread over 1000 separate images. This amounts to over 100 megabytes of data. 

Regular advancements in technology and human intelligence like the NASA James Webb Telescope are important to helping the planet. Gathered data can be analysed to help provide solutions to current problems. This can also shine a light on areas that need addressing.

With the amount of data ever increasing it’s important to have the correct systems in place. Without this, you risk leaving your data unprotected and overloading your systems. 

Here are a few of our services that may help you with data management.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is when a site or application utilises “the cloud”. This is hosted on a series of virtual and physical servers. This form of hosting allows for scaleability in your storage. For example, you can start by using a small amount of storage and then increase this to meet the demand.

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Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is when you have your own physical server within a data centre. Unlike other hosting solutions, this isn’t shared with any other users. So your data is more secure and reduces the chances of any data breaches. With the amount of data being created seeming to increase it’s important to ensure this is secure. 

If you work with sensitive data such as payment systems or personal information security is a massive factor with this which is why we include services such as firewall protection.

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A backup is when a copy of all your data/systems is updated and stored at regular intervals, this is then stored in a secure location. This can be on a physical hard drive or on the cloud.

This gives you the ability to restore your systems if there are any breaches or cyber-attacks meaning that any data is always able to be recovered.

This means that if you’re holding large amounts of data this can be easily recovered which reduces the chance of losing any data.

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