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    We have put together a creative piece which demonstrates some of the fantastic creative & digital specialists across Liverpool! 

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    What is Dr Plus’ Lively Diamond Disco Huddle?

    We are excited to share with you ‘Dr Plus’ Lively Diamond Disco Huddle’ which illustrates some of the fantastic digital and creative specialists we have across Liverpool! 

    Specialising in digital agency hosting, we began putting together a creative piece which focuses on the Liverpool digital agency community, highlighting these agencies through the artistic ‘Dr Plus’ Lively Diamond Disco Huddle’.

    As we continue to work with more digital companies in the Liverpool area, our creative piece will continue to grow and develop, illustrating how much talent exists in the Liverpool area, where Liverpool agency owners can unite and make Liverpool a great place to do business. 

    If you would like a printed copy of our Dr Plus’ Lively Diamond Disco Huddle please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly!

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    Liverpool Agencies

    If you would like a printed version of Dr Plus’ Lively Diamond Disco Huddle, please get in touch today!


    0161 464 6101


    0161 464 6101


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