Established in Yorkshire in 1945, Seabrook crisps has steadily grown to be the top-selling crinkle cut crisps in the UK market. It is now part of Calbee Group UK.

They are known for innovating (Seabrook was the first crisps company to make crinkle-cut crisps and also the first to use sunflower oil).

Technical Approach:

The customer’s existing server hardware was overworked due to rapid growth and increasing reliance on email communications over the last several years.

Additionally, the client’s existing file server was becoming outdated and therefore had very limited capabilities due to being on older hardware. This was placing extra burdens on the already overworked server and this was beginning to impact employees’ daily productivity tasks and ability to collaborate with other colleagues on files and documents.

Having become part of a larger group in 2018, they were keen to integrate and consolidate their internal IT systems, including their Office and email apps, with the larger group.

A further complication was that the Customer was keen to move away from their existing hosting provider, which meant we had to carry out a large data migration exercise, with minimal down-time. 

Chris Ashcroft, Head of Technical Services, commenting on the Seabrook Crisps project says:

“From the outset, it was obvious that this customer had some very complex needs. Our team put together a resilient and scalable platform for them that has been designed with security and high availability at its core. Using latest Microsoft applications, storage technologies and virtualisation, we have been able to provide Seabrooks with a solution that allows for growth of their business and improve on their user interaction, whilst reducing downtime and maintenance.

“This was a very challenging project, that was completed over the course of several months and involved setting up some very high-performance Dell servers.  It is pleasing to see that feedback from the customer has been very good. They now have a platform that gives their users a superior experience with plenty of capacity for growth”.


  • 99.99% uptime guarantee standard feature of the SLA.
  • Same application versions for all staff, minimising incompatibilities and enabling greater collaboration.
  • Significant cost-savings as compared to their previous solution.