Calbee Group UK forms part of Japanese global snack-manufacturer, Calbee Inc., founded more than 65 years ago. One of the largest snack companies in the world, Calbee Inc has more than 3,800 employees across 12 different countries, making Calbee Group UK part of a £2.3 billion global business.

One of their most well-known brands is Seabrooks Crisps.

Calbee initially approached us to discuss the challenges and problems they were experiencing with their current setup and they were interested in what alternatives we could propose. Briefly, they were on a legacy hosting platform that the business had outgrown, resulting in loss of productivity.

This was a complex project and our technical team held a number of technical scoping sessions with Calbee’s technical team to determine the best hardware and software platform to propose.

Technical Approach:

A key requirement of the project was to be able to consolidate other Calbee Group companies, particularly email and Office applications, so the platform would have to be highly scalable to accommodate the company’s anticipated future growth through acquisition of other companies.

Datacentreplus proposed a private cloud platform for their core file server and storage needs, using the latest high-end Dell servers, along with local and offline storage.

Chris Ashcroft, Head of Technical Services at Datacentreplus says:

“This was one of the most complex deployments we have recently carried out due to the large amounts of data involved, the need to minimise downtime during the migration and the fact that the work had to be done during their Christmas shutdown period. The customer now has a highly resilient and scalable platform that will serve their needs for many years.”


  • 99.99% uptime guarantee standard feature of the SLA.
  • Same application versions for all staff, minimising incompatibilities and enabling greater collaboration.
  • Significant cost-savings as compared to their previous solution.