We’re really proud to share some pictures of our Caketober day, an event which raises money for the Forever Manchester charity which funds and supports community activity across Greater Manchester.

Caketober is a month-long celebration of cakes and fancy dress and has really grown since its introduction in 2012.

Datacentreplus, with Halloween approaching, decided to take on the theme of Halloween for their Caketober. The company office was decorated with bats, skulls and cobwebs, whilst a wide selection of cakes and coffee was also available for our neighbours and local businesses who were invited to share in some seriously fruity cakes and sweets!

caketober - cakes

This was the first Caketober we took part in, and one that everybody was very excited about.

Head of Business Development for Forever Manchester, Jean Mills said:

“During the five years of Caketober we’ve seen over 100 different companies take part in baking and selling cakes to support Forever Manchester. More importantly it brings people together; it’s a great way of connecting and we’re delighted Datacentreplus joined in the fun this year”. 

Stephen Hobson, Account Manager at Datacentreplus and an Ambassador for Forever Manchester, said:

“I was born and raised in Manchester and have been given a great life by this amazing city. I believe we must all work together to give people in need of hand and as much love and support as we can offer.”



Rachel Waters

Rachel Waters

Communications Manager