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    Managed Backup Solution

    At Datacentreplus, protection of your data is of utmost importance to us and our BackupPLUS packages will keep your mind at ease knowing that your data is protected.

    BackupPLUS Managed Backup is an automated Continuous Data Protection (CDP) solution that runs on both Linux and Windows servers.

    Offering both continuous data protection and bare metal restore abilities, BackupPLUS is a true data protection offering, not just a backup product.


    What Powers BackupPLUS?

    BackupPLUS is based on R1Soft’s CDP product (more information at (https://www.r1soft.com/).  Your data is backed up to our highly resilient BackupPLUS servers, which have fast RAID10 storage. 

    Private BackupPLUS servers are available upon request.


    Key Benefits of BackupPLUS Managed Backups

        Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery

    Restore servers directly from disk-based backup. Unlike traditional backup software, there is NO need to first partition your drive and install the operating system.

        High Performance

    Sector based backups increase throughput and reduce overhead. Servers can be fully operational with minimal performance impact during backups.  Backups can usually be performed at any time, even on busy servers.

        Small Backup Windows

    Only changed disk sectors are copied between backups.  Incremental backups can now be completed in minutes.

        Open File Backups

    BackupPLUS is a total solution including built-in support for backing up open files.  No 3rd party software is required.

        Near Continuous Data Protection

    During normal host operation, BackupPLUS keeps a journal of disk changes. Incremental backups know what sectors on the disk have changed before the backup operation even starts. This eliminates the need for file-by-file or block-by-block comparisons every backup.


    Incremental sector based backups ignore unused portions of the disk and copy only the disk sectors that have changed since the last backup. This when used with traditional compression, reduces backup storage by as much as 90% when compared to a traditional system wide, file-by-file backup.

        End-to-end strong encryption

    Data is continuously encrypted while in storage and during network transmission using RSA keys. Decryption during a restore is only possible when the encryption key holder enters their pass phrase.

        Data Integrity

    During backup and restore data is verified usingF MD5 checksums.


    Server Cabinets

    If you would like to find out more about our BackupPLUS please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.


    0161 464 6101


    0161 464 6101

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